Friday, February 11, 2011

Favorite Banana Bread

While working on our kitchen project, Jennifer made a couple loaves of bread to sustain us.  The first, How it all Vegan's banana bread made us very happy with our morning coffee.  Jennifer used to make this bread all the time and forgot about it for a few years, but happily rediscovered it this past weekend.  If you have three overripe bananas, here's a delicious recipe to use them up!

Hopefully you can read the picture!  If not, send us a message and we will type in the recipe.

The second loaf was Mother Earth News' No Knead Bread. The crust is beautiful and crusty, but Jennifer found the flavor a bit lacking.  We will continue to play with this recipe and see if we can get more of the yeasty, bread flavor we want.

 Happy bread making!


  1. Hi Jennifer & Steve...there is notjing like some warm smells from the oven on a winters day!!
    Banana bread with dates sound great ..a must try!!
    I'm not a crusty bread person ,but give me a steaming hot bowl of soup for dipping and I'm good for that!!
    Yummy weekend to you !!

  2. Those look great. I have been baking bread every week and loving it. I will definitely try that banana bread! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  3. Re: the no-knead bread, so sorry Jennifer wasn't thrilled with it. Was it white or whole wheat or a combo? I've done all-white and half whole wheat, not yet tried 100% ww. It doesn't quite have the depth of a great artisan bakery sourdough but I've been really happy with the results.

    The original NYT recipe is just a tad different; I wonder if the differences would make, well, a difference?

    However our homemade breads turn out, they're always better than that Wonder junk!


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