Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thrift meets functionality

We found a deal on 4'x6' rag rugs this past weekend (5.99 each) and decided to sew 4 together to make our dining room rug.  The colors are fun and the total price can't be beat.

The seam in the middle is invisible....check it out!

Jennifer tucked the fringe under (in case we want the rugs apart later) and sewed the rugs together with clear, nylon thread.

The middle edge is noticeable but a price we're willing to pay for a $24 8x12 rug!  The fold marks will quickly disappear and already Bob is a fan.  See, she does exist outside of her hiding places. :)

Steve's Grandma's table is coming to our house in a few weeks so that will be a fun piece of history to add to this festive room.


  1. Hi J&S...real slick idea!!
    It looks real nice and brightens the room ...and even the cat seem to approve!!

  2. So colorful, fun, and inexpensive! You two are just full of such great ideas:)

  3. Looks great, and you did a great job making it work, Jennifer! I just saw the clothesline post, and can't believe you have NO snow. We are totally buried up here in NH. It's raining today, but we got 7 more inches yesterday. I have clothesline envy, mine is still halfway up the post in snow. I did buy a nice wooden drying rack and the clothes are drying in the dining room as I write this. I don't know about you, but I'm ready for the gardening season to start! ~Vonnie, NH


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