Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kitchen Makeover

Remember this kitchen?  

What a mess...

Well, we cleaned this kitchen up and painted and primed it before we moved in, but we just tackled the final paint job and other odds and ends this weekend.  Steve painted the ceiling first.

The prior owners left us an abundance of paint.  We went through it and salvaged all that could be salvaged. Steve combined like with like so we have plenty of paint for ceilings, hallways, etc.

Look at all this paint and joint compound! Hundreds of dollars worth of home improvement items!

After Steve finished the ceiling, Jennifer touched up the wood with stain.  It's not perfect now, but it looks so much better!

There used to be a table attached to the side of this cabinet but we took it out due to the need for space.  Look at Steve's finish job - beautiful!

After miscellaneous trimming we opened up our yellow wall paint.  :)

First little bit on and Jennifer was giddy...loving that bright, warm color!

Steve is the master trimmer.  He can balance anywhere....

The yellow is better, yes?!

Painting left the kitchen a mess for a few days and it felt so good to put all this stuff back.  Our kitchen is vital to peacefulness in our house (good meals, coffee, tea).

Steve smartly waited to do the second coat of floor paint till after we finished the ceiling and walls.

And here the kitchen is all put back together!  Flora and Bounder are fans.

The view from the dining room shows the orange, red, yellow all together.  Love it!

Antique towel rack, dish towel and door.  We left the door with chipped's very Country Living or shabby chic. :)

We found a few antique wall pockets in our house here and hung them in our kitchen with others Steve's mom gifted to us.

This is where the built in table used to be; we put Steve's jelly cabinet there with all our grains and homegrown herbs.  The two crocks hold potatoes and onions.

Jennifer's parents gifted us this pot rack for Christmas; the cooking station is very user friendly.  Steve's oak leaf carving is hanging above the stove.  He will add more of these (different styles) to Etsy!

Old, dirty crates are handy in the kitchen when cleaned and painted.

A new faucet too!  This kitchen is happening!

We have some quarter round trimming to finish and Steve is going to make us a dough table for more prep space, but we're almost there!


  1. Several things I really like such as the bright color and that you painted the floor. I wanted to paint the floor on our living room but my husband was more than hesitant to cover up the 200 year old flooring that we had salvaged from another home. I hope you aren't overcome with grease on the pots and pans hanging over your stove. If there is anyway you can fit a hood fan between them, you will be glad of it. I can't believe the grease that gets onto the cabinet above our stove. It even has a fan and we seldom fry anything other than a bit of olive oil sautéing. (I guess that counts.)
    You have done a great job on this kitchen. I love that you are using paint you have on hand.

  2. Hi Nellie! Thanks for the compliments. :) We've had our pots hanging over our stove without a hood fan at another house and we never experienced any grease buildup so I think we will be fine. I'm not sure if it makes a difference, but we are both vegetarians so our sauteing is limited to vegetables, grains and spices. Hope you have a great day! Thanks for stopping by our blog. j&s

  3. Wow, this is soooooo awesome!! I can't believe you have the kitchen finished already. Definitely perfect warm southwestern colors:) I love it.

  4. HI Jennifer & know I just realized I feel like I have watching a "This Old House" Series!! Hahaha!!
    I love the kitchen colors bright and cheery,and has a real homey feel to it !!
    What in the world was with all that paint and etc??....worked out great for you!! : }}
    I don't know you personally, but I am very proud of you both and all you have accomplished!!

  5. love, love, love it! and Martha Stewart paint to boot! gotta love the low VOCs!

  6. Yellow kitchens are so cheerful - great color choice. Your place is really coming along! By spring (if it ever comes) you'll be ready to tackle the garden! Congrats on a great job.

  7. I have been following your hard work and enjoying each post. I must let you know how much I LOVE the colors you have decided on. I also am a color person and find monochromatic homes boring. Color makes me happy! Thank you for sharing and keeping me entertained through the long, cold Winter

  8. Looking good, Jennifer & Steve! You can see the pride you are taking with your new home, and I'm sure the house is just humming with happiness to be renewed and restored. If I lived closer, I know you'd be such fun neighbors, and the potlucks we could have in that new kitchen! Be well, ~Vonnie, NH

  9. You should have taken bets on the kitchen wall colour... I KNEW it would be yellow!
    I love your scheme, it will feel warm and sunny on the coldest of days.


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