Monday, February 23, 2009

Felting to Stave off the Winter Doldrums (Bracelets & Slippers)

A great way to keep out of the winter funk is to craft with friends! This weekend 4 of us got together to work on another felting project...See our first here.

A space to work, lots of fiber...

some new kinds for all of us:

water, soap and some creativity; that's all we really needed to get our felted bracelet project going.

A selection of roving and yarn for a vibrant bracelet...

Bracelets of this nature were a first for all of us so we experimented. I don't know that any of our bracelets ended up exactly how we thought they would, but we learned some things - like getting physical with the fiber.

This bracelet needed to get LOTS smaller so drastic actions were employed. Here are two photos documenting Alicia's technique: Throwing Your Felt Bracelet on the Ground.

The technique did seem to shrink the bracelet a bit so another was added for a linked bracelet set.

Purple roving for me...

I unknowingly laid fiber in a way that created a two strand bracelet. Cool.

My other bracelet - a bit larger than I would like. I am thinking cutting and adding snaps (or push buttons) might be a good option.

More fun color choices and a less physical way of felting for Janet...

We made slippers for our second group felting project, which I forgot to document with the camera. Here Caroline is finishing her's...

Some super sassy slippers that will keep her feet warm, warm, warm!

More crafting projects are on the agenda for the week, plus some nature posts and all sorts of other interesting stuff. :) Hope you all enjoyed a good weekend.


  1. Very fun and colorful! You can always wear your bracelet as an armband;-)

  2. Those slippers are great! What fun!! Is your soap ready for shipment yet? Keep me posted!


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