Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Green Up Your Laundry Process

We've recently greened up our laundry process by creating a system that uses less energy and less chemicals. Here is our current method:

Action 1: Wash your clothes on COLD.

Action 2: Set your water level at an appropriate level for the amount of clothes you wash.

Action 3:
Make your own laundry detergent. Recipe and directions here.

Action 4: Use 1/2 cup vinegar per washer load for fabric softener. (If you use fabric softener that is; we usually don't.)

Action 5: Dry your clothes on a line. We strung up some line in our laundry room (after some inspiration from a friend who uses drying racks) and it works quite well. Outdoor lines obviously work well too, but if you live in a climate where winter weather makes you not want to venture out to hang up laundry then hang them in your house!

That's it! Greening up a life action we do every day or every few days is so satisfying!

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