Saturday, February 14, 2009

Great Backyard Bird Count

It's a snowy morning here - wow! Hard to believe we experienced 60 degree temperatures here just a few days ago, torrential rains and subsequent flooding. Wild weather!

Now back to more window photos. In the photo below if you look super duper close you will notice a little red squirrel resting on a branch. This little bugger was excited about the snow I tell you! Ripping around, flipping snow everywhere - quite fun to watch.

According to a friend, this fluffy type of snow we received is perfect for snow ice cream! Here is what she said: "The ultimate way to make it is if you have vanilla coffee creamer......but milk will do, plus a little sugar and vanilla." Sounds good! We need to try this.

Now, for the main topic of this post - The Great Backyard Bird Count! Our same friend with the ice cream recommendation reminded us of this super fun (& super helpful by way of documentation) activity. Instructions can be found here. It is really so easy - just a few minutes a day over the weekend and anyone can do it! This would be a great activity to do with your kids too.

Besides all our everyday bird visitors we've now added brown creeper (in photo below - look on the right side of the tree) and bald eagle to our report for The Great Backyard Bird Count! Yep, yesterday afternoon Steve spotted a large bird really high in the sky with unmistakable white head and tail. A mad dash for the binoculars allowed us to see a bit better this bald eagle flying from the north over our property and south into the Little River Vally. I wonder what else we will note this weekend!

SO lots going on this weekend - Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


  1. we were so surprised to get up this morning and find snow on the ground!

  2. I saw that bald eagle too! It was two weekends ago when traveling on I-69 headed south. I was just past Eagle Marsh and about drove off the interstate trying to get a look-see. It was remarkable to see an eagle in this neck of the woods. If I had not been driving I would have given you all a call so you could be on the look out. It was headed towards your homestead. later beth m


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