Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Journey of Scavenging

You scavengers out there don't need me to tell where to go for your cast-away treasures but, for all of you who have not yet acted on your scavenging yearnings (but are now ready to), a great place to start is Craigs List. Go there and find your town (or nearest town that has a listing) and then navigate to the For Sale Section and there you will find a link for Free items.

That is exactly how I found this cool mirrored door:

I was on the trail of free wood with which to make furniture. I found a "free wood" listing on Craigs list, called the folks, met at their house (which they were remodeling) and quickly realized that the "free wood" was much closer to "fire wood". But the scavenger's journey has a lateral component so, rather than give up and leave, I decided to chat with the friendly "free wood" folks and, in the process, spied the nice little mirrored door leaning up against their trash pile. "Gettin' rid of that door?", I asked off-handedly. "Yeah, want it?" they offered. And that's how a quest for wood ended in something entirely different. It will be the subject of my next furniture creation. Stay tuned for that!

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