Friday, February 20, 2009

More Yarn Making

A week or two ago my super cool friend who is organizing the Jay County Fiber Fest & Spin In gave me two balls of roving for spinning. This roving is a blend of mohair, wool & silk and is super soft and beautiful. I LOVE it. The mohair came from her goat and the wool from her sheep. I can't say if she raised the cocoons for the silk. In a few days I plan to post on how fiber gets from an animal to a ball of roving like the one pictured below. Stay tuned.

Here's a peak at my current spinning locale. Bounder likes to hang out and Steve's handmade wood stool makes a perfect seat. The windows are just to my right so I am often distracted by beautiful sunsets and singing birds and what not. I can't wait till warmer weather and spinning outdoors!

I am getting better at spinning. For those of you who are new readers, I very recently was gifted a spinning wheel and so am a super novice at spinning. Here is a look at my first yarn I made plied together. Some spots look pretty good and others hardly have twist because my drafting was so inconsistent.

Here's a look at my current yarn:

You can see there is not really any untwisted spots and the thickness is more consistent than before. If I was to leave this yarn single ply it would be WAY too twisty....need to work on that eventually too. For now I am working on properly drafting and getting a good treadling rhythm down. Still a long way to go, but it is fun so I know I will get there.


  1. It's looking awesome. I'm impressed.

  2. WOW! that looks great! can you bring it along sunday so i can touch it???? acb

  3. I also meant to say that I love how colorful your house is. I need to add some to my house!!


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