Saturday, February 7, 2009

Windows Vista-Compatible Photo Re-Sizer

Some of you may remember a post from awhile back called "Invaluable Blogging Tech Tip For Photo Resizing". I know it was not valuable to Windows Vista users as the program discussed in that post was for XP only. Well, I've found a gem of a photo resizing tool that works with Vista! Its a third-party program and I take no responsibility for any one's use of it but I'm just pointing out its existence. Click here to check out the website where you can find out more about it.

I actually put it on my notebook PC (which has Vista on it) and it works quite well for me. Here's a screenshot showing an Explorer window and the menu that appears when I right-click on a photo icon. Note that there is a "new" option called "Prish Resizer" and that, upon hovering my cursor over that option, another option appears for various resizing levels:

There are a number of other handy options that can be found upon initial exploration of this handy little resizing tool. Again, the beauty of this and the XP version is that you can quickly resize photos from withing a file explorer window. This is so much faster than opening a program, importing photos, resizing them and saving them!

If you try this or any third-party software make sure you scan the download with your virus software before you open the file and install the program. When in doubt, back out!

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  1. Such an amazingly great help! I didn't even think to look for something like this. . .


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