Friday, February 6, 2009

Throw-Away Window Inspired Jelly Cupboard, Part 2

Here's Part 1

Now, on to Throw-Away Window Inspired Jelly Cupboard, Part 2.

Here's what the cupboard looked like after I had put in part of a good day on it. It still needed sanding, shelves and a door latch of some sort.

A bit of sanding and I was able to bring out some interesting patterns from the old layers of paint on the window:

And from the variously weathered barn siding:

After consulting with Jennifer...

I set to work on the shelves:

I simply attached short horizontal rails on either side of the softwood framing (while considering desired shelf spacing) and then cut barn siding pieces to fit:

Now for the window latch. The window had a latch from days-0f-yore but I did not have the matching part which would attach to the framing face board. What to do?

Well, I did happen to have one part of a magnetic latch from days-of-now, so I screwed that to the inside of the window:

And then I made the counterpart with a scrap block of wood and a piece of metal strap. This contraption was screwed underneath one of the shelves and would serve to pull the window shut by attracting the magnetic part of the latch (above):

Here you can see the arrangement of the whole works - with the days-of-yore latch on the outside of the window, the days-of-now magnetic latch on the inside of the window and the metal contraption to the left of that and underneath a shelf:

That was it. It was finished. We brought it inside:

We put some stuff inside:

We put some stuff on top:

And we felt good about our little-window-that-could!


  1. That turned out great! You make it look so easy.

  2. stylish and useful! who needs a "real" job? you can just make furniture!! i'm sure people will catch on soon and start placing mad orders. . .


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