Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stay On The Ride...It's Gonna Take You Somewhere

This post's title paraphrases some Patty Griffin lyrics that have become very pertinent to us all of the sudden. Steve has recently accepted a job at Carlsbad Caverns National Park!!!

The "ride", of course, is life and our life together is a celebration of EVERYTHING. In other words, we enjoy working a compost pile as much as we enjoy working our way up a set of switchbacks to an alpine meadow. So we bop about a bit but our adventures are the intertwined threads of our life's braided stream!

So from our beloved Midwestern forests, fens and prairies we meander down to the Chihuahuan desert, sky islands and vastness of southern New Mexico/Far West Texas.

Here are a few of the places we will be exploring:

Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Big Bend National Park

Lincoln National Forest

That outta get us started:)

We certainly will continue all the activities that inspire us to blog but with a southwest flare!

Stay tuned.....


  1. You never know what life will bring. . .it's so exciting if you're open to it!

  2. what up, Steve? This is your cuz from Anderson, Vicki.......Thought I would drop you a line and say hey......Wishing you the best!!!! Seeing that some people may read this, I am going to just leave it at that even though I have funny things to write. Hope to see you before you move. Take care.

  3. Hey Vicki,

    Thanks for the well wishes! I'd love to know what funny things you would write so, if you see this post, let me know how I can contact you or email me at milkweedsteve@yahoo.com

    hope all is well in your life and that we can connect to keep in touch!


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