Monday, February 16, 2009

Got Scraps?

It is incredible - the amount of "scrap" wood that is ripe for the picking! I got a couple pieces of scrap cedar (Eastern Red Cedar) from my brother awhile back and it sat around for months - just looking and smelling good, like cedar does. I'm glad I kept it around despite it being underfoot because, the other day, something miraculously came of it:

I call this the "garden harvest basket". Now, how fun will it be to go out to the garden and fill this thing up with home grown produce? Guess we'll find out! I'm still working on the best way to attach the handles, then it'll be done.

1 comment:

  1. Nice basket!
    I have 9 maple trees that I'm tapping. By the time I was done boiling down yesterday, I had nearly 2 quarts of syrup, roughly twice what I anticipated. I think maybe I didn't boil it long enough, or it was higher in sugar than normal. At any rate, it sure tastes great!


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